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How do I create new question forms?

Click on the icon for your profile in the upper right corner and select Forms in the dropdown menu.

Click on Create New or Create From and select the template you want to base your new form on.

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You can now drag frequently asked questions from the right column to the form builder on the left. You can also search for queries in the right column search box.

Press Create new question to create a question. By pressing on Insert candidate’s name (and choosing the correct version for the sentence), the tool automatically captures the candidate’s first name when you use the form in a project. For example: Does the @Candidate have a driving license? = Does Adam have a driving license?. Remember to choose the grammatically correct form depending on how the question is formulated. Choose the type of question you want to use and then supplement with additional factors relevant to the question type.

The form is now visible in the tab My Private. If you have administrative or extended rights in Refapp, you can also choose to make the form Public and accessible to all users of the company by clicking Make public

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