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How do I edit the labels in a scale question?

It's possible to add your own labels to the scale questions. You are also able to create follow-up questions that you can make mandatory. Here's how.

In the questionnaire builder, click on one of the scale questions you wish to edit or click Add question if you want to create a new one. Select scale in Question Type. In the text fields marked Label for..., enter the definitions you want.

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When the referees answer the form, the labels will look like this: 

Follow-up question

You can also add a follow-up question to the numbers if you want the referee to be able to give a comment on their choice of number. When you press the toggle for Follow-up question, you have the option to choose if you want follow-up questions on all options or for specific numbers. If you do not write anything in the field, Additional information is set as the default, but you can also add your own follow-up question. It's also possible to make the follow-up question mandatory. You do this by pressing the toggle next to the question.

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