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How do I configure Refapp for Single Sign-on?

In this guide, we'll walk you through the necessary information and steps to configure SSO in your Refapp account.

We'll start by providing you with essential information and preparation steps. Then, we'll dive into how to set up SSO in your account, including detailed instructions for different identity providers.

Finally, we'll explore additional SSO add-ons for enhanced functionality. Let's get started!

If you already know which SSO type to configure for your account and want to skip ahead, click on the name of the SSO under the "How to Configure SSO in Your Account" section in the table of contents. This will take you directly to the instructions on configuration.

Table of contents

Information and preparation for configuring SSO

Supported SSO Identity providers 
Where in the system do I configure SSO?
What changes when SSO is activated?
Do I need to prepare anything before configuring SSO?
Configuring your identity provider


Supported SSO Identity providers 

Refapp supports single sign-on through the SAML 2.0 interoperability standard.

The vendors currently tested and supported are:

  • Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD)
  • Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)
  • Octa Auth0

Where in the system do I configure SSO?

New section in Company Settings

As a Refapp Administrator, you can manage all the SAML SSO configurations from your Company Settings page and its SAML SSO Settings section.

The master switch is named Authentication via SAML SSO.

Authentication via SAML SSO

This is the master switch. When enabled and if there is valid metadata, logins via SSO will be enabled.

Disable user auto-provisioning for SSO

When turned on, new users will need to be created manually by you on the Refapp Users page. When turned off, users are automatically created in Refapp when they log in the first time.

Login via password disabled when SSO is enabled

When this switch is turned on and SSO is enabled, users can no longer log in using their existing passwords.

SAML Entity ID

The default value for entity ID is an automatically generated unique value like the one in the picture below.

Skärmavbild 2023-10-04 kl. 14.00.21

SAML Identity Provider xml Metadata

Paste the content of the xml metadata file that you download from your SAML identity provider into this field.

What changes when SSO is activated?

This is what changes when SSO is enabled.

  • Users can no longer log on using passwords (unless “Login via password disabled when SSO is enabled” is left in an off state) or change their passwords through Refapp.
  • When the system detects a mail domain belonging to your company, the login user interface will change to show only a button that takes the user to your company login page. If the login is successful and it has been validated that the user is provisioned to use Refapp, they will be logged into Refapp and can use the system as usual.

  Skärmavbild 2022-08-17 kl. 14.20.18

  • If “Disable user auto-provisioning for SSO” is left deselected, users can no longer be invited from the Refapp Users page 
  • The cached Refapp login token (stored in-browser) for SSO-enabled companies will expire after 24 hours (instead of 30 days for user/password logins) at which point the system will trigger a renewed login with your SSO system. This ensures that users can be offboarded properly.
  • If you need to expedite offboarding, you can delete a user from Refapp through the Users page after removing the user’s access to the application in the SSO application. All user sessions will be terminated immediately. If you keep the user’s access and remove the user from Refapp, a brand new user with the same name will be created at their next login. This will lead to confusion. SSO-bild 2
  • If you have left the company setting Disable user auto-provisioning for SSO turned off, new users are onboarded automatically at login time and will be assigned the Default user access rights set on the Company Settings page. If they need extended permissions, your company’s assigned admin users need to perform that action through the Users page in Refapp after they have logged in the first time.  Skärmavbild 2022-08-17 kl. 14.31.22
  • Users get a new option to log out completely from the SSO provider at the bottom of the profile page.

Do I need to prepare anything before configuring SSO?


Ensure that you have set up the corresponding mail domains for SSO in Company Settings. Multiple domains, e.g. “brand1.yourcompany.com” and “brand2.yourcompany.com” are supported.

Skärmavbild 2022-08-17 kl. 14.32.44

Configuring your identity provider