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Why has my project been put On Hold and how do I start my reference check?

When all settings haven't been completed when creating a project from an ats-system, Refapp will put the project On Hold for you to finish the settings.

A project On Hold means that no communication has been sent out to the candidate/s even if you selected automatic referee request when selecting them for reference check with Refapp inside your ats-system. You will be notified that a project has been put on hold by email, with a direct link to the project in Refapp.

Your ats-system.

Why has my project been put On Hold?

A project gets put On Hold if you have missed selecting a questionnaire for the project. When going to the project in Refapp, you will see a status bar that the project is On Hold with a text specifying that the project has no selected questionnaires. 

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How do I start my reference check?

Finish the settings by pressing Settings in the project in Refapp. Select the questionnaire template you want to use in this reference check.

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Press save to get back to your project. A button for starting the project has now appeared in the On Hold status bar. Press Start to activate your project.

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If you selected automatic reference request to candidates when setting up the settings in your ats, you will get the option to send out the reference check to all candidates. Press send to request referees. 

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The project is now activated and, if you add more candidates from your ats to the project, the referee request automatically goes out if you have selected this setting.