News In Refapp, April 2023

Hello there, 

Here we are again with new Refapp features, integrations and events coming your way! Happy reading!



New Features✨

Tag questions in the form builder

Let's start off with a much-requested update. It's now possible to tag questions in the form builder to make them easier to find and navigate. You can also search for tags in the search box to find all questions with a specific tag. We hope you'll find this helpful! See our help center article to read more.



Sort, filter and bulk edit projects in the project list

This will come in handy, especially for those of you with a looong list of reference projects. We have added filtering and sorting of projects to make navigation easier. You can also now select multiple projects at once to bulk edit, delete or archive.



Revamped "My Refapp" section

We are continuing our efforts to make Refapp even more user-friendly and enjoyable to work with. The latest addition is the revamped "My Refapp" section, which contains all your personal settings in the tool.



Link to the questionnaire in the calendar booking

When you've scheduled a phone call with a reference, you'll find a link in the calendar booking (scroll down to the bottom) that will take you directly to the questionnaire to fill in the answers.



Events and new partnerships!🎉

Refapp and TalentAdore integration

Finally, we can announce our integration and partnership with TalentAdore, the global HR technology company focused on bringing the human touch back to recruitment!

We couldn't be happier to help streamline the recruitment process and provide seamless reference checking for our clients, freeing up valuable time to focus on the moments that matter and create a positive candidate experience!



Part 3 in Refapp & Hung Lee webinar series

Last week we held our third webinar in our series with Hung Lee, where we explored the topic of presenting 'wild card' candidates. During the session we looked at practical strategies for presenting candidates who have exceptional potential, but do not necessarily fit the traditional mould of an ideal candidate. Watch the recorded webinar here!