How do I add our own Data Policy text to the communication sent out?

Refapp has a default Data Policy text seen in the communication sent out to candidates and referees. You can both choose to add your own text to this, or entirely use your own.

As an administrator in Refapp, click on your profile picture at the top right of Refapp, select Company Settings and then select the Privacy Policy tab. In this tab you can change the text for both candidates and referees.

In the text input field with the label Additional data policy text you can add your own text to Refapp’s existing one. In the preview to the right, you will see what it will look like for the referee and in the preview below you see the communication to candidates. 

If you rather completely replace Refapp’s text with your own: Select the language you want to make edits for, for example, English, and then click on Use a custom data privacy text for English.

In the text box below, paste your own text. Any formatting such as making clickable links is done with Markdown. Click Save.