How do I act if I suspect that an email has been blocked by spam filters in the referee's inbox?

Getting emails through spam filters is a many-sided thing and unfortunately, it is difficult to guarantee 100% delivery. One reason our emails are not editable is that we have built them as efficiently as possible to get through spam filters. However, we sadly cannot guarantee that all emails reach their recipients and this is because of the security requirements in the recipient’s email client.

Therefore, we recommend that you do the following:

First, control whether the referee has opened the email. You can control this by clicking on the referee’s card in Refapp to see the activity log. If the referee has not opened the email after for example 36 hours there is a risk that the email has ended up in a spam filter.

If this occurs, we have some suggestions for solutions:

- Send both emails and SMS if you have the person’s mobile number. SMS has a much higher delivery and open rate.

- Copy the link to the form by clicking on the hamburger menu (three dots) and then “copy web address to the questionnaire”. Then write your own email, paste the link, and send it to the referee.

Also, if you recognize email addresses to which our emails seem to end up in the spam filter - please notify us at Refapp support. That way we can contact their IT department and ask them to whitelist as an acceptable domain for incoming emails.