February News

New Features✨

A new look for your daily notifications email

In case you missed it, there's a setting in Refapp that allows the system to send you daily updates on your reference projects. We thought we could do a bit better with the look of it, so we redesigned it for a greater overview and easier access. Go to “My Refapp” and “Personal Settings” to activate the feature.

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Set 'quiet days' when no communication is sent

Your organisation can now set certain days as 'quiet', for example bank holidays. This means that no communication will be sent to candidates or references.

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Authenticate references with Danish MitID🇩🇰

In addition to the existing authentication methods, references can now authenticate themselves with Danish MitID. Contact us and we'll activate it for you!

Events and inspiration!🎉

Truth or Tale? How reference checks can help you catch dishonest candidates

Join us as we explore research that highlights the prevalence of lies in recruitment processes, how the rise of AI is affecting candidates honestly, and ways to tackle it.

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🚀Seamlessly integrate Refapp with Factorial

We're happy to announce a new partnership! Factorial is a leading HR software for SMEs that converts never-ending, manual processes into integrated, effective ones. The all-in-one, user-friendly platform automates traditionally time-consuming tasks making it easier for businesses to focus on what really matters: people and growth.

Start your reference check from within your existing recruitment process and find the completed reference report alongside the other candidate information in Factorial. Get in touch to get started!

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Elevating the reference checking journey: HumanTrust and Refapp

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