How do I act when Refapp alerts for suspected fraud in my reference check?

Refapp alerts you if two or more of your references from the same project respond from the same IP address, phone number or email address. The system also alerts you if it turns out that the candidate who entered their references has matching IP addresses, numbers or email addresses. 

The fact that the system warns of suspected fraud - does not mean that this is the case. Below you can read about how to evaluate the likelihood of fraud.

This is not a common case and the alert doesn't necessarily mean an actual fraud. It can be explained by:

  • The referees and the candidate may work for the same company and therefore receive the same IP address when connecting to the company’s internal network.
  • The referees and the candidate have submitted their answers when they happen to stay at the same hotel, restaurant, event, etc.

We recommend that you assess the reasonableness of this by gathering more information about the workplace, time of answering the questions, etc., and then take appropriate action, which in most cases is to do nothing.

How do I assess the reasonableness of fraud?

  • See whether the referees have verified themselves through LinkedIn, Facebook, or BankID. 
  • Compare the referees’ email addresses and telephone numbers. Google these and see if you can find more information.
  • View the reference report and compare the referees’ answers, look especially at the Free-text questions.
  • Call the referees and ask for additional information to verify that they are different persons and that they are who they state.