What is a Refapp Phone Call Handler?

In Refapp, there is now the option to invite a recruitment manager as a "Phone Call Handler" to manage phone interviews.

In this article, we'll be able to guide you on inviting a Phone Call Handler via the user list, through projects, and how to log into Refapp as a Phone Call Handler. You can find more information in this article if you already have the role of Phone Call Handler and are wondering how to proceed when a reference would like to schedule a call.

To enable the phone call handler role on your account, please get in touch with support.


Invite from the User's list

  1. In order to invite a phone call handler to your account from the user's list, you must have an Administrator, Sub-Account Administrator, or Extended Permissions role in Refapp.
  2. Inviter clicks “Invite”, enters the email address of the designated person and selects “Phone Call Handler” as access right.
  3. Done. The new user does not get any notification at this time but is available in the drop-down list to become the project’s Phone call handler on the project settings page.


Invite from Project Settings

In project settings, all user types can invite a new Phone call handler (does not require extended permissions like the general Invite feature). Invited users will get the subaccount access of the inviter. Here are the steps to follow when inviting a phone call handler through project settings.

1. Start by creating a project. 
2. When setting up the communication with referees, you will see the option to invite a phone call handler through a drop-down menu. (like depicted in the picture below.)Skärmavbild 2023-10-19 kl. 16.13.56

3. Any of the project members (except a phone call handler) can specify the “Phone call handler” when creating the project or later via the Settings page. 

4. The first time a user with the "Phone call handler" role is assigned to any project, they will receive an email containing information about their assignment and a link to a dedicated help article. This email is sent only once for each user.


Skärmavbild 2023-11-17 kl. 15.52.17

Referee wants to book a phone call

From the referee’s point of view, nothing has changed in Refapp.

Users of the “Phone call handler” type cannot add their own preferred time slots for referees to select from, but already booked times show up as unavailable.

  1. The referee needs to propose at least three timeslots. 
  2. When the referee clicks “Send”, the “Phone call handler” receives an email just like previously, where they need to select one of the suggested times to commit to the booking and receive a calendar invite that again looks just like before. 
  3. The picture below shows the email you will receive when you have agreed on a time with a referee. The picture also shows the email sent to the referee confirming your agreed time.
    Skärmavbild 2023-11-20 kl. 12.20.12


What can I as a phone call handler Administrate in Refapp?

Can I log in to Refapp as a phone call handler?

  1. A phone call handler can still log in to Refapp from the start page. Simply enter your email address, and if the system recognizes it for the user role 'phone call handler', the login box should change to look like the picture below. :
    Skärmavbild 2023-10-26 kl. 10.40.49
  2. After clicking Send login code via email, the login window changes to show just that the user should click on the link they just received in an email.
    Skärmavbild 2023-10-26 kl. 10.58.20
  3. The email looks like the one in the picture below. Clicking on the button takes you to Refapp in a new tab. You can also enter the code from the email manually.
    Skärmavbild 2023-11-17 kl. 16.17.57

What do I do if I get an error message when following the link from the email to log in?

When receiving the login email, the link and the one-time password are valid for 30 minutes before expiration. 

If you get an error message when trying to log in through the link in the email or when manually typing the one-time password, click on "send new login code."

Skärmavbild 2023-10-26 kl. 11.37.55

What can a phone call handler role access in Refapp when logged in?

This access type in the system is intended for receiving calls and entering responses. To provide users with this access type an overview of their scheduled calls and the ability to manage the times, we will go through in this part of the guide what role this access entails in the system.

First-page view

When logging in to Refapp by link or manually entering your one-time password, this is the first-page view for the user role phone call handler. This gives the user direct access to the calendar; they will show up here if meetings are booked. 

Skärmavbild 2023-11-17 kl. 16.52.41

To manage the timeslots, there are a couple of options that follow depending on the type of slot. 

Booked: Indicates which time you and the referee have agreed on a time for the phone call to take place. If you need to decline the proposed time, simply click the booked time slot and you'll get 2 options "answer on behalf of referee" & "Cancel the booked call". If you press "Cancel the booked call" a window will appear to confirm you want to cancel the booked call. 
Skärmavbild 2023-11-20 kl. 13.42.40

Skärmavbild 2023-11-20 kl. 13.43.44

Completed: When you have completed reference calls they will appear green on your calendar. If you press the completed slot you will get the option to amend responses. 

Skärmavbild 2023-11-20 kl. 13.42.21

Proposal: To keep track of the proposed time slots you have marked as available for references to book directly. When one of these slots are selected, you will get a notification that a phonecall have been booked. 
Skärmavbild 2023-11-20 kl. 13.49.20