News In Refapp, April 2024

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Hey there, 

We are back with a bang. Here’s a bunch of new product updates in Refapp and exciting events!🧡

New Features✨

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Show unanswered questions in the reference report

You asked, we built. To make it clear when a reference has skipped a question, we have now made it visible in the reference report. Hopefully this will save you time and manual effort when evaluating reference responses!

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Easy access to specific projects, questionnaires and users⚡️

Our technical team has put a little extra love into making it easier for users to find their way around Refapp. Here's what's new:

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Filter and search for projects

There's now a search box in the project view. Filter by project name or client name. If you have access to your colleagues' projects using the "Show all projects" toggle, you can now filter the list to see only the projects belonging to a specific person.

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Filter and search for users

Search for other Refapp users within your organisation and use the advanced mode to filter by subaccount.

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Type to narrow down the list of questionnaires

In the project settings, you can now type in the name of the questionnaire you want to use and the list will be narrowed down to make it easier to choose.

Events and inspiration!🎉

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Expert Strategies to Ensure a Compliant, Risk-Free and Engaging Candidate Hiring Process

Join our upcoming webinar with our partner AssessFirst and learn how you can improve the candidate experience in your recruitment process while staying compliant and secure!

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The Future of Recruitment Is Skills-Based Hiring

What Is The Merit of Skills-Based Hiring and How To Get It Right? We are delighted to have Professor Gary Martin, Chief Executive Officer of AIM WA, join us for this insightful session!

Can't make it? Register anyway and get the recording sent to your email. 

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⚡️Introducing: Recruiting Lab Notes

We often find ourselves touching on issues, trying to pick out the juiciest few raisins from the cake. But with the feeling that the dough we leave behind is what makes up the real understanding of a topic 🍪


For our new initiative, Recruiting Lab Notes, we will be taking out the microscope and looking at various phenomena and processes in the recruitment industry, presenting research and what the science says about what is good practice, and what is not.

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New episode of RecTalks: You’re not in a war for talent - You’re in a war for attention

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The Best Questions to Ask When Checking References

This article will give you tips on what questions to ask to get the most relevant and reliable information about your candidates!

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Introducing our new partner Factorial!

With Factorial, you can automate repetitive tasks, improve efficiency, and empower your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and productivity. Factorial offers a range of features to reduce time spent on manual tasks by 78.9%

  • Time tracking and time off

  • Employee onboarding

  • Performance reviews and talent management

  • Document management

  • And much more! All in one place.


Connect your Factorial account to Refapp to seamlessly conduct reference checks directly from your everyday workflow!

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Thanks for reading! If you have questions regarding the new features, contact our support team to get help in a heartbeat.Skärmavbild 2024-07-04 kl. 10.43.56


Best, Emelie and the rest of the Refapp team