News In Refapp, November 2023


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Hey there, 

We are back with a bang. Here’s a bunch of new product updates in Refapp and exciting events!🧡

New Features✨

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Invite hiring managers as Phone Call Handlers in Refapp

It is now possible to invite users in Refapp to only handle phone calls with references. For example, a colleague or recruiting manager who can book, execute and record the reference in Refapp, but who does not need to be involved in the process (or in Refapp) beyond that. Read more below or contact your Customer Success Manager in Refapp to activate the feature.

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Easier login with new SSO functionality

We have updated our Single Sign On (SSO) solution to make it even easier for large organisations to use Refapp. When users log in to Refapp via SSO, it is now possible to send the person's access rights and email address, as well as any phone number and cost centre.

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Role-specific and research-based questionnaires with Refapp Insights

Our biggest product release yet! Refapp Insights makes it even easier to gather valuable candidate insights. The plug-and-play, research-based solution includes a brand new form library and reference report to help you better predict your candidates' job performance.


How does it work and what can it do? Visit our latest blog article and customer story with Bonnier News.

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Search and find, securely and quickly

Searching for candidates in Refapp used to take longer than what could be expected. Our tech team has now done a great job in speeding up the search function while maintaining the high level of security and encryption of personal data.

Authenticate references with Finnish e-ID via FTN 🇫🇮

In addition to the existing authentication methods, referees can now authenticate themselves with Finnish Bank IDs via Finnish Trust Network (FTN). Contact us and we'll enable it for you!

Events and inspiration!🎉

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Webinar: Observed Behaviour - Gain candidate insights into suitability and role fit

Learn more about the multiple roles of reference checks in the hiring process and how reference checks can improve organisational and business outcomes.


Time doesn’t suit you? Feel free to register anyway and the recording will be sent to you afterwards.

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Syfters Podcast: Reference checking is more than a tick-box exercise

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Emira Blomberg, was interviewed in the Syfters podcast hosted by Jason Haritou⁠. Emira chats with Jason about how references make for fairer recruitments, and teaches him about how they should be used more in the hiring process.

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Do you prefer video interviews or podcasts? RecTalks are now available as both 🔥

By popular demand, RecTalk is now also available as a podcast. Once a week we will release a new, old episode on Spotify, Podcaster etc. In both Swedish and English. New episodes will be posted on our blog as usual. Subscribe to get them straight to your inbox!

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Refapp Live: How to identify counterproductive work behaviours with reference checking?

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Thanks for reading! If you have questions regarding the new features,

contact our support team to get help in a heartbeat.

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