How do I setup the Lever and Refapp integration?

Setting up the Lever and Refapp integration to perform effortless reference checks from within Lever is easy and consists of just a few simple steps.

Enabling the integration

1. Ensure you are logged in to Refapp as a Refapp Administrator.
2. Go to the Company Settings page


3. Open the Integrations tab and locate the Lever logo. If you are running Lever in the EU data centre, you need to first select EU from the Data Centre list and click Save. Next click Connect with Lever.

4. For the EU data centre, skip to the next section. Otherwise continue below.

US Data Centre: OAuth flow

5. When connecting to a Lever account in the US data centre (, you will now be taken to Lever. After logging in, you are presented with an authorization confirmation question. Click Accept to continue and allow Refapp to read and write data in your Lever account.

6. You are now taken back to Refapp. Click Connect to finalise the connection and go back to the Company Settings page.

7. Skip over the next section (EU Data Centre).

EU Data Centre: API Key

8. (continued from step 4) You are now ready to enter an API key into Refapp. You create the API key in the next step (step 9). 

9. Open Lever in a different tab and create an API key for your Lever account. Check the following permission boxes:

Read endpoints:

1. read user
2. read posting
3. read opportunity
4. list webhooks
5. list stages
6. list users

Write endpoints:

1. add opportunity tag
2. remove opportunity tag
3. create opportunity note
4. delete opportunity note
5. create opportunity
6. add webhooks

10. Paste the API key into the Refapp page and click Connect

Configuration (both data centres)

11. In Refapp: Select the Lever recruitment stage that should trigger a reference check in Refapp.
Click Configure below the Lever logo, select the stage from the dropdown and click OK followed by Save in the bottom of the Company Settings page. If you don’t have a reference check stage, contact Lever support and they will assist you in getting one added.



12. Ensure that candidate stage change webhooks are enabled in Lever (this is disabled by default).

13. Now you are all set, and anyone in your team can run Refapp reference checks from within Lever.