How do I use the integration between Refapp and Workbuster?

If your company has an integration between Refapp and Workbuster you can use digital reference checking directly in Workbuster.

1. In Workbuster: change the status of the candidate to Reference or Digital reference checking in Refapp. The candidate and project information is sent to Refapp.


2. Log in to Refapp. In the My reference checks view you will see all current projects created from Workbuster.


3. Carry through your referencing in Refapp.

4. If you want: Copy the link to the reference report and paste it into the candidate’s comment field in Workbuster.

To have in mind:

- When the project is created, only the main responsible user in Workbuster will be added as a member, and you will need to add the other project members.

- Save current questions in the projects as templates and to be able to select these for new projects.

- All candidates are added from Workbuster. As a result, candidates cannot be added to a Workbuster project from Refapp.

- At present, it is not possible to share the reference report directly to Workbuster. Copy the report link in Refapp and post it as a comment on the candidate in Workbuster.