How do I share a preview of a questionnaire/form with someone who is not a Refapp user?

For your private forms, you can choose whether or not to enable sharing of a preview link. For forms that are public and accessible to everyone within the company, the link icon will be highlighted on a form that is approved for preview.

  • Users with administrator or extended rights in Refapp can enable sharing of preview links for all public forms. When the feature is enabled for a specific form, all users within the company, regardless of access level, can download a link to it and share the preview outside of Refapp.
  • Users with Standard or Basic rights in Refapp can enable the feature for their private forms, as well as fetch preview links for public forms already enabled for preview. 

To share a preview of a questionnaire/form with someone outside of Refapp, such as a customer

Click on your profile picture at the top right corner of Refapp, click on Forms.

In the list of existing forms, there is a column with the label Preview link.

Navigate to the form you want to share a preview of and click on the link icon.

Enable Share a preview of "Refapp standard form - deep. “ Click on Copy Link and paste it into an email or other channel.

The person who receives and opens the link will now see the questionnaire with its questions, but without verification choices, relationship verification, etc., that is included in the questionnaire to the referee.