How do I import candidates to Refapp?

In Refapp, it is possible to import candidates from an Excel sheet. To be able to import candidates, your Administrator needs to contact support to enable this feature in your account.

If you want to conduct a reference check on multiple candidates, Refapp offers the possibility to import candidates. To import candidates, create a project in Refapp, and once your project is created, select the option "Add from file."

You will then have the option to choose a file to import candidates.

A tip is to use our recommended Candidate Import Sample File for correct formatting!

After selecting the file, you will get a preview of the contact details that will be imported into Refapp. See the example below. Confirm that you want to import the candidates by clicking Import. If you wish to adjust anything in your import, cancel the import by exiting the window via the cross in the top right corner.

Once the candidates have been imported into Refapp, you can now choose to take the candidates to the next step in the process via "Bulk Management."

If you want to Request references from the candidates, select that option from the drop-down list.

Confirm that you want to request references from the candidates via the Send button.

In the candidate overview, you will see how many referees that have been requested. The process will now continue based on the Project Setting.