How do I enable the integration to Workable?

Here you'll get information on how to set up the integration to Workable.

Refapp and Workable - Enable the integration

Your company needs an activated Refapp account. The Workable integration requires a Refapp user's personal key. Since this key is tied back to an individual in Refapp, when Refapp is used by any Workable user, a reference check will be attributed to the person who owns the personal key and not to the Workable user.

In Refapp, press My Profile and scroll down to the bottom of the page Personal API Keys. If this section is not visible, please contact Refapp support and we will enable it.

  • Press Add to generate your key and copy it. Please note that you will only see the key in its entirety once.
  • Sign in to Workable and navigate to Settings > Integrations
  • Locate Refapp in the list of integrations and select it
  • Paste the API key in the field and click Update Settings