How can we incorporate several brands to our Refapp account using Subaccounts?

If your company uses several brands, you can add these to the same company account in Refapp. Users can then choose which brand to communicate in each reference project.

If you have administrator rights in Refapp, you can set up the company profiles in the Company settings view. In Company settings you will see different tabs, and in the section called Subaccounts. Here you can choose which brands you want to add, decide which email domains should have access to the brand, and upload a logo. You can also select a primary language for the Subaccount. 
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  • Users with administrator rights in Refapp can then provide users access to the profiles. You can do this via the Users tab inside Refapp.
  • The users can then choose which brand that should be communicated with candidates and referees in each project.

If you have access to several subaccounts, these will be visible at the top right of the project settings, for example:


Refapp tip!

If your organization has multiple languages, we recommend that you set up a Brand for each country and add a primary language that's best suitable for the country.