Can I cancel or reschedule a booked reference call?

This guide goes through how you can cancel or reschedule a reference call booked with a referee through Refapp.

The first step is to cancel the booking inside Refapp. Go to the referee, either by your calendar view in My Refapp or clicking through the project and candidate.  Press the calendar symbol to access a box where you can cancel the phone call. 

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This choice cancels the calendar booking that got sent out to both your and the referee's calendar. 

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Note that no other information about the cancellation gets sent out to the referee, so if you want to give a reason why, contact the referee outside Refapp.


To reschedule the phone call, press the calendar symbol again and send new proposals to the referee to choose from. When the referee accepts one of the times, a new calendar booking will be sent to both of your emails. 

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