How long do the referees have to submit their responses?

When you create a project in Refapp, you can specify how long the candidate has to enter their referees, but how long does the reference have to respond? Read more here.

It's completely customizable on how long your referees have the opportunity to answer the questionnaires. Your Refapp Admin can customize this in the company settings.

How long each referee has to answer the questionnaire is not communicated from Refapp, rather we encourage the referees to answer As soon as possible. The recommendation from Refapp is to let the referee have at least 10 days so that the reference check experience doesn't get negative.

The standard settings in Refapp are that the referee has 90 days to answer the questionnaire. To update how long the referees have to answer, you go to Company settings by pressing your avatar in the top right corner. Under General, you can activate Referees can submit their responses for XX days and update the number of days you wish.