How do we add our own text to the referee "Thank you" page?

You can add your own text to the "Thank You" page that appears when the referees have submitted their answers. Adding text requires administrator rights in Refapp.

Go to the Company Settings view in Refapp and scroll down to the Referee thank you page section.

In the field Extra text, type in the text you want to add. To format the text, we use Markdown. You will therefore need to add markup language to your text to format it as you want, for example as bold or a link. Here are a few formatting rules that may be helpful:


Italic and bold

* Before and after the word that should be italicized or in bold. Sentence with * italicized * word. Word with ** bold ** style. Meaning in italic. Word in bold.

For links

Links are written with the following syntax: [text to be linked](link)

For example: Visit our [website]( for more information about Talentwise.