How can I promote my organisation via the thank you page to referees?

It is possible to customise the thank you page that is shown to the referees after they have answered the questions, adding text, links and images.

To set these settings, you need to either be an administrator in Refapp or get help from Refapp support

Go to Company Settings and the Subaccounts tab. If your organisation has more than one sub-account, you can create different thank you pages based on brand. 

In the box under Thank you page to referees, you can then enter the information you want to convey to the referee. This could be a link to your career page, or if your organisation is recruiting externally and wants to market to potential clients. 

To format the text, we use Markdown. This means inserting markup into the text to make it bold or a link, for example. Here are a few formatting functions that can be useful:


Italic and bold

* Before and after the word that should be italicized or in bold. Sentence with * italicized * word. Word with ** bold ** style. Sentence in italic. Word in bold.

For links

Links are written with the following syntax: [text to be linked](link)

For example:  [Click here to come in contact with us](

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If you want to include an image, contact Refapp support and attach the image you want. It will be automatically reformatted to fit the page but should not be smaller than 960x540.