How do I use the integration between Refapp and JobAdder?

Here’s how you set up and start reference checks from within JobAdder

For each job in JobAdder where you want to run Refapp reference checks, you need to first configure a matching project in Refapp.

Select “Refapp – Configure Refapp Project“ from the Actions menu for Jobs. This menu can be found directly in the job list and when opening a job from the jobs list.

When you select “Refapp – Configure Refapp Project“, a window opens where you configure the Refapp project by selecting a questionnaire and choose from other available options.

Click “Create” (if the project hasn’t already been created) or “Save” (if it has) to store the settings or Cancel to abort and then close the window using the X button in the top right corner.

Once this step has been completed, you can start reference checks for any job application(s) for the job using the “Refapp – Start Reference Check“ action.

When selected, Refapp adds the candidates to the project.

If you enabled automation for the project, you can expect the Reference Check Report to be completed within a day assuming the candidate and referees are available.

If you did NOT enable automation, you need to log in to Refapp to bring the process forward manually. Please refer to the Refapp documentation on for details.

The status of the check and the report are available from the candidate listing in the Job in the “Refapp Result” column (you may need to add that column from the ”Show” menu).

Click on a cell in the “Refapp Result” column to access the Reference Check report.