How do I configure the JobAdder integration?

Before you get started with using the Refapp/JobAdder integration, you need to set up the connection. Here are the steps to follow.

Note: You must be a Refapp Administrator to be able to set up the integration. If you don’t have access, you need to contact an administrator for assistance.

Start by navigating to the ”Company Settings” page in Refapp. If you cannot see this option in the navigation menu, you don’t have the required access and need to contact an administrator.

Next click the “Integrations” tab. Scroll down to find the JobAdder icon and click “Connect with JobAdder”.

You are now taken to JobAdder where you need to log in and accept the integration.

Click “Accept”. You are now taken back to Refapp where the setup is concluded automatically and after a few seconds you will see that the JobAdder integration has been added to your Refapp account.

You can now move on and use Refapp from within JobAdder.

Note: There is a short delay of up to five minutes before the actions added by Refapp are shown in JobAdder.

Disconnecting the integration

To disconnect, simply click ”Disconnect from JobAdder" on the Company Settings - Integrations  page.