How do I add Additional Text to the invitation emails?

Do you want to add specific information for your Refapp users? Or provide tips along with the invitation? Read the guide below to learn how to add text to invitation emails and see how it looks.

Invitation emails from Refapp are sent when a user is given access to Refapp. These invitations are sent either by a user with Extended permission or Administrative permission in Refapp, or automatically via integration with your recruitment system.

Below is an example of what the invitation emails look like. The orange fields are adjusted based on information from your organization.

If you want to add additional information to the emails sent to your users, you can do so under Company Settings in Refapp and the Security tab. To be able to adjust Company Settings, you need to have Administrator permission in Refapp. If you do not have access, you can contact Refapp support for assistance.

Under the heading “Custom text in user invitation emails” you can add the text you’d like to include in the invitation emails. 

Example of information to add in the invitation email: 

“To help you get started with Refapp follow the guidelines in Refapp Helpcenter and how to create a new Project. 

Access via this link:”