What is recommended when using HooYu?

Refapp has partnered with Government-trusted IDSP, HooYu, to deliver a seamless and accurate Right To Work verification on every candidate you hire.

If your candidates experience issues with HooYu, we've listed some information about HooYu's recommendations below and how to overcome technical issues.

Liveness check with HooYu:

Liveness detection is a short motion capture where we ask you to complete a few simple actions to verify a real, live person is completing the identity request.

The candidate is experiencing trouble capturing their liveness check, what can they do?

  • Make sure that your entire face is visible in the oval and that there is space in the oval around your face.
  • Move your head to complete the actions, rather than moving your mobile device.
  • Remove any headwear, glasses, and other items on or around your face that may stop us from capturing your full face.
  • Have a plain background behind you while you’re taking the liveness check
  • Make sure you’re the only person in the frame
  • Make sure the lighting is not too dark and is consistent across your face while completing the liveness check.

Documents (data upload) with HooYu: 

Make sure that the photo of your document text and image is as clear as possible.

Why is the candidate's document image being rejected?

This could be happening for a few different reasons. The main tip we can give is to make the photo of the document text and image as clear as possible. You can see a detailed error message if you go back to the page where you uploaded the document. 

Reasons can include: 

  • Not all of the document is captured, for example, part of the text has been cut off.
  • The image has a lot of shadows or light on it which can make it hard to read the text.
  • The photo has been taken at an angle which can make it hard to accurately read the text on the document
  • Your camera flash is on. The image capture works better if you turn it off
  • The document is expired
  • The document is a copy, print, or screenshot as opposed to the original document. The document is not supported by us.

Can I submit an expired document?

Most companies don’t accept expired documents as proof of identification. Please submit current documents.