How do I update the Greenhouse integration to the Harvest version?

The integration between Refapp and Greenhouse can be updated to another version called Harvest. Here we describe how to do the update.

Differences between Harvest and original

The Harvest version gathers more information from Greenhouse about the candidate and job to send to Refapp. This means that Refapp knows who the recruiter that initiates the reference check is and that an admin no longer needs to assign the project template in the stage settings to a specific recruiter. 

Refapp will also be able to tell if the candidates being sent for reference checks are connected to the same job in Greenhouse and then place them in the same project in Refapp, instead of creating one project per candidate as it is in the original version of the integration. 

Creating the Harvest API Key

An administrator can follow the following steps to create the API key.

  1. Navigate to Configure in the top right corner.
  2. Scroll down and navigate to Dev Center in the left hand menu.

3.   Inside the Dev Center, navigate to API Credentials in the left hand menu.
4.   Start the creation process with the Create New API Key button.

5.   In the new modal window, select Harvest as the API Type and Refapp as Partner.
6.   Optionally add a description so it is clear which of your keys was made for Refapp.
7.   Use the Manage Permissions button to continue.

8.   Copy the API Key to a secure location, it needs to be given to Refapp later.
9.   Confirm with I have stored the API Key to continue.

10.   The next screen contains a subsection Manage Permissions where 3 accesses need to be granted to Refapp:
    • Get: Retrieve Candidate (under Candidates)
    • Get: Retrieve User (under Users)
    • Get: Retrieve Activity Feed (under Activity Feed)

11.   Finalise the creation with the Save button.

Configuring Refapp with the Harvest API Key

An administrator can follow the following steps to configure the API key in Refapp.

  1. Open the application menu through the circle icon in the right hand corner.
  2. Then navigate to Company Settings.

3.   Navigate to the Integrations tab.
4.   Open the Greenhouse specific settings with the Configure button.

5.   Enter the Harvest API key retrieved during step 8 before into the field.
6.   Finalise the configurations with the Save button.