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How do I extend the time the candidate has to submit referees?

There are situations in the recruitment process when it may be necessary to provide candidates with more time to submit their references. Sometimes, candidates have busy schedules or find it challenging to contact their referees quickly.

To extend the time a candidate has to submit referees, follow these steps:

Begin by accessing the project associated with the candidate and click on the three dots on the candidate's card and choose “extend request”, as shown in the image below.

A dialog box will appear, allowing you to choose a new date for the candidate to submit their references. To make the calendar appear click on the date in the box. And click on update once you have chosen the new date. 

You will now be able to see the chosen date under the candidate's name, as depicted in the image below.

To extend the time for multiple candidates to submit referees, follow these steps:

Start by placing the candidates in a list by clicking the icon in the image below. 

Select the candidates you wish to extend the time for.

Click on 'Selected' and choose 'Extend Request.'

Enter the new date by first clicking on the date for a calendar to appear.  Choose which date the candidates should submit their references and update.

You can see the new dates next to the candidates, as shown in the image below.