How do I create templates focusing on Competency-Based Referencing in Refapp?

Refapp supports a simplified way of working with competency-based reference checking.

If your organization has established a competency-based recruitment process and uses one of the established frameworks, such as those by Malin Lindelöw, Home of Recruitment, or test providers such as Assessio and Aon, you can work with a new module in Refapp to simplify the process. 

The competency module in Refapp is not included in our standard offering, if you are interested, contact your Customer Success Manager to get more information. 

How do I work with the competency module in Refapp?

Once your Refapp contact or the Support has activated the module, users with Extended rights or higher permissions in Refapp can customize existing Questionnaires in Refapp to prepare using the module.  

How do I add the module to question templates?

Navigate to the Forms in Refapp. When adding the module, you can either create based on existing templates or create a new template.

When editing the questionnaire, you can add the Competency Reference Checking Module by clicking the arrow next to the "Create new question" button. There you will find the module that your organization has activated.

Add the module, either with default competencies prepared or empty if it will be edited per project in Refapp, and place the module in a desired position in the form using drag-and-drop.

If your organization has an integration with your recruitment system, we recommend that you add the module without selected competencies so that they can be automatically filled in from your recruitment system.

Once you have placed the module in the desired position in the form, save the template in Refapp.