How do I mark forms as company favourites in Refapp?

Have you created custom forms or do you often need to find specific forms among a comprehensive list of options? If so, we now have a solution that makes it even easier for you. You can now mark your forms as favourites.

To be able to mark question templates as favorites, you need to have Administrator access or have extended permissons in Refapp

Here's how to mark your forms as favorites:

Navigate to "Forms" by clicking on the menu at the top right and selecting "Forms." In the pictures below you can see how to get to forms 

In the “All public" tab, you'll find all the forms that your users have access to.

To mark a form as a favorite, click on the star icon on the left, as shown in the image below.

When you choose a form for a project or through your ATS, the forms you've favored will always be readily accessible at the top of the list in alphabetical order, as depicted in the image below.